Lab Personnel

Graduate Research Assistants




Adam Bean, M.S. student
B.S. in Zoology (Fisheries), Southern Illinois University
Thesis Title: “Establishing Improved Genetic Strains of Largemouth Bass for Foodfish Production”








Dallas Henderson, M.S. student
B.S. in Biology, Bradley University
Thesis Title: “Improving Reef Fish Transport for Aquarium Trade”






Julie Shroeter, M.S. student
B.S. in Animal Science (Pre-Vet), Southern Illinois University
Thesis Title: “Evaluating the effects of alternative dietary protein sources on the expression of genes involved in appetite, growth, and metabolism in channel catfish ”





Jake Bledsoe, M.S. student
B.S. in Aquatic Sciences, Purdue University
Thesis Title: “Evaluating the Functional Plasticity of the Intestinal Microbiome in Important Aquaculture Species”



Undergraduate Research Assistants

Samantha Kevin, Undergraduate research assistant (2014-present)DSCN1534
Pursuing B.S. in Animal Science (Pre-Vet)
Current Project: “Histological Staining of Skeletal Anatomy of Channel Catfish”





Ashani Hamilton, I2I Undergraduate research assistant (2013- 2014)
Pursuing B.S. in Animal Science (Pre-Vet)
I2I Project title: ““Effects of Soy Protein on Gut Peptides Involved in Feed Intake Regulation” 

Former Lab Personnel



Elliott Kittel, M.S. (Animal Science) Thesis title: “Estimation of optimal protein to energy ratio and percent soybean meal replacement of fish meal in Scaphirhynchus sturgeon feeds”
Current Position: Fisheries Biologist II, Spokane Tribe of Indians, Spokane, WA.





Carlin Fenn, M.S. (Animal Science) Thesis title: “Evaluating the endocrine regulation of shovelnose sturgeon growth”
Current Position: Education and Extension Specialist, Great Smokey Mountain National Park







Lucas Nelson, M.S. (Animal Science) Thesis title: “Analysis of factors that affect the meat quality of Silver carp and Bighead carp harvested from the Illinois River for export to China”
Current Position: Large River Fisheries Technician, Illinois National History Survey



Cheyenne seining catfish pond

Cheyenne Adams, B.S. (Zoology) Projects: Shovelnose sturgeon husbandry, striped bass culture, aquarium conservation, fish nutrition
Research Project: Evaluating Chemical Toxicity in Saltwater Coral
Current Position: Educational Camp Counselor, Camp Sewee, Clemson Youth Learning Institute





Laura Archdale, B.S. (Forestry) Projects: Shovelnose sturgeon husbandry, striped bass culture, Asian carp fillet quality, fish nutrition




Patrick with sturgeon


Patrick Blaufuss, M.S., Former Lab Manager




Mariela Puebla


Mariela Puebla, Visiting Scholar from Cordunap, Chile 




Jentzi Schumm, B.S. (Animal Science) Undergraduate Research Assistant
Projects: Shovelnose and Pallid sturgeon husbandry, fish nutrition