Dr. Small’s research and aquatic laboratories are located on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), and are in partnership with the Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences (CFAAS) and the Departments of Animal Science, Food, and Nutrition and Zoology. Southern Illinois’ aquatic diversity, proximity to both the Ohio and Mississippi river systems, and plentiful lakes and reservoirs allow for mufti-faceted research within the CFAAS community. Current projects aren’t limited to just freshwater applications; both freshwater and marine research initiatives are currently being conducted by Dr. Small. Efforts to expand marine research and open opportunities for undergraduate researchers at SIU are also underway in part by Dr. Small, including the new “Conservation and Aquarium Research Training Program (CART)”. More information on CART may be found [here].

Clockwise from upper left: Aerial view of the CFAAS research ponds; Recirculating system at SIU’s wet lab; Conducting neuroendocrine research on adult catfish in Dr. Small’s lab; Looking at slides under a microscope

Facilities Overview:

  • More than 8300 sq. feet of wet lab space complete with
    recirculating tanks for cold, cool, and warm water species
  • 90 research ponds
  • Field vehicles and boats
  • Water quality laboratory
  • Loligo Systems swim-tunnel respirometer
  • More than 1000 sq. feet of dedicated analytical lab space
  • Physiology/endocrinology, molecular genetics, and nutrition laboratories
  • Microscope and image analysis
  • Colorimetry/ fillet quality equipment